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Safety, Convenience

Door Lock Master UNICOR Join customers with safe and convenient technology from the rich experience.

IIP System (Body detection open/close button)

Unicor's state of the art security technology prevents open the door with pressing open/close button inner body by using sharpen metal or wire. This button only operates when a human body presses it.

Dual security code function

The premium function that prevents password exposure by tracing the residual fingerprint. There will be 3 any numbers on key pad after entering the password and you have to press these three numbers for opening the door lock.

30seconds lock function

It will be stop working and will sounds warning alarm when in-put wrong password 3 times or use unregistered smart key(digital key) 3 times.

Intrusion detection & Damage Alarm

There will be a loud alarm for 3 minutes when the door lock detects door open by forced intrusion.

Inside forced locking

When every family members are at home in the middle of night, you can prevent open the door from out side with password or smart key even though they are registered.

External force locking

Just in case you're away from home for a long time, it is reassurance function that there will be a loud alarm if the door opens from inside.